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Fix my Joomla is a service provided by Phil Taylor * We have not been hacked :-) This is an image! haha
  • We fix hacked sites every day!
  • Debug White Screen Of Death
  • Debug and fix PHP error messages
  • Upgrade Joomla Versions
  • Same day resolution on average!

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Phil Taylor - The Joomla Expert

Phil E. Taylor - The Joomla Expert

A leading full-stack PHP developer who specialises in Joomla sites, Security, Servers and Debugging.

  • Personal Attention - We will not farm out your problem
  • UK Based - But works globally in different time zones
  • A complete one stop shop - complete full-stack experience
  • Contactable pretty much 24/7 by email (except when sleeping!)
  • Simple, clear, set fees for most aspects of work undertaken

Our Fees:

Our Set Fee is GBP88.00 for working on bang up to date Joomla sites

Our Set Fee is GBP138.00 for working on out of date Joomla sites
This includes us upgrading it to the latest version.

We charge SET FEES per work request not per hour fees!

Examples of things we can do for you

Original vectors

Repair Hacked Site - Set Fee

Fix your vulnerable site after a hacker has compromised it

DON'T PANIC - Don't make it worse, contact us right away!

Includes a complete audit, cleaning of the damage and
securing your site against further future attacks.

Original vectors

Debug & Fix PHP Errors - Set Fee

Debugging a white page of death, or PHP error messages

Includes a complete audit of your site, investigation into your problem, server or PHP fix to resolve the issue and full advice on what may have caused it and steps to prevent in the future.

Original vectors

Upgrade Joomla Site - Set Fee

Upgrade your site within the same series or upgrade path

Includes a complete audit of your current site, a tested backup is taken of your site, then the upgrade is performed and tested for acceptance.

Note we do NOT do migrations from Joomla 1.5.x to later series! We will however undertake upgrades from Joomla 1.7.0 onwards. We will do point upgrades to Joomla 1.5.x to the end of life, but secure, Joomla 1.5.26

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